Squeezing big cocks into the teeniest, tiniest, most revealing underwear and micro thongs!


Having read about C Strings for men, I decided to give one a try. From the product image alone, I guessed that this would never make it to the underwear drawer as something I would wear on a regular basis, and sure enough, it wasn’t!

Perhaps all C Strings are not equal, but this design is particularly unflattering for the male form. If you pack enough to fill the pouch, then you may be able to pull this look off, but be aware, if you are on the large side you will just keep pushing the C String away from your body. If you can’t fill the pouch, and due to the shape of the pouch, then there will be a lot of loose material flapping around. In no way could this be called form fitting.

As for the design of the C String, even if you bend the wire to fit, you will never probably feel comfortable wearing this. It threatens to fall off at any moment.

These are OK to try if you are curious, but get the cheapest one you can. They are certainly not worth anything more than £5.